#11 PayPal 放弃收购 Pinterest

导读:PayPal 计划 450 亿美元收购 Pinterest,但最终放弃。本文来自纽约时报,发表于 2021 年 10 月,阅读大约需要 5 分钟。


PayPal, the digital payments giant, said late on Sunday that it was not interested in buying the social media network Pinterest, ending efforts to draft a potential $45 billion deal that would have been one of the biggest consumer internet takeovers in a decade.

数字支付巨头 PayPal 周日晚些时候表示,它对收购社交媒体网络 Pinterest 不感兴趣,结束了一项潜在的 450 亿美元交易的努力,这将是十年来最大的消费者互联网收购案之一。

In a brief statement, PayPal said it was “not pursuing an acquisition of Pinterest at this time.”

PayPal 在一份简短的声明中说,目前不寻求收购 Pinterest 。

A transaction would have been among the biggest ever by PayPal since being spun off from eBay in 2015 and would have bolstered its presence in e-commerce. Pinterest is best known for allowing its 454 million users to pin images and links to their online pinboards and letting them buy goods directly through so-called “buyable pins.” Pinterest largely makes money through advertising instead of online shopping.

自 2015 年从 eBay 分拆出来后,这项交易将是 PayPal 有史以来最大的交易之一,并将加强其在电子商务领域的影响力。Pinterest 最有名的是允许其 4.54 亿用户将图片和链接钉在他们的网上钉板上,并让他们通过所谓的「可购买钉子」直接购买商品。Pinterest 主要通过广告而不是网上购物来赚钱。

2021 年 10 月社交网络用户数据

PayPal had offered $70 for each share of Pinterest, according to people with knowledge of the discussions, a 25 percent premium to where the digital pinboard’s stock had been trading before news of the talks emerged last week.

据了解讨论情况的人士称,PayPal 为每股 Pinterest 股票出价 70 美元,比上周谈判消息出现前 Pinterest 的股价高出 25%。

Investor reaction to a potential deal was mixed. Shares in Pinterest jumped on the news, while those in PayPal tumbled sharply.

投资者对潜在交易的反应不一。Pinterest 的股票因这一消息而跳涨,而 PayPal 的股票则急剧下跌。

Pinterest has performed well over the last year, with its revenue rising nearly 50 percent in 2020 because of a pandemic-fueled jump in online shopping. But some analysts questioned the logic of a deal and suggested the talks underscored PayPal’s difficulties with tougher competition in its core digital payments business.

Pinterest 在过去一年表现良好,2020 年其收入增长了近 50%,因为大流行病推动了网上购物的跃升。但一些分析师质疑交易的逻辑性,并认为谈判凸显了 PayPal 在其核心数字支付业务方面面临更激烈的竞争的困难。